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                                      Welcome to visit Changshou City Jinhua Machinery Company Limited website! My company website has received the majority of the friends of the attention and support, I on behalf of the company all staff to express our heartfelt thanks to you for.
                                      Changshou City Jinhua Machinery Company Limited was founded in 1997, is a by cold extrusion ( chipless ) technology, large quantities of specialized production vehicle used by the high precision gear shaft, the rectangular spline gear, involute spline shaft and an involute spline sleeve parts business. The company mainly for the German ZF ( Nanjing, Hangzhou, Shanghai) company, resistance to world special automotive systems ( Suzhou) Company Limited, Liaoning Fuxin Del automobile steering pump Co., Ltd., Knorr Dalian Lu'an Jianghuai Yongda Machinery Manufacturing Co., and other famous enterprises with sets of car steering pump shaft, auto gear box, car brake system parts.
                                      The face of the new market environment, we as in the past to create high standards of products with confidence, establish a quality service reputation, has the trust of our customers, to win the majority of customer support, to unite the majority of employees of joint venture. We will be the spirit of" scientific and technological innovation, excellent quality, satisfactory service" business philosophy, with advanced technology and management, and strive to provide quality and efficient, safe and reliable services and products, and continue to create and enhance the value of their own.
                                      In order to let more friends understand the fundamental condition of the company and the development process, we established Changshou City Jinhua Machinery Company Limited website. This site, is the mutual understanding, is linked to the vast number of friends and customers link. We hope, site became the vast number of friends and Changshou City Jinhua Machinery Company Limited friendship bridge, this bridge of friendship forever, may the website gives you a new perspective and joy.