Enterprise honor

                                      According to the FAW-Volkswagen Automotive industry quality management system and the German company ZF supplier process control and management requirements, the company through the effective application of the system.
                                      Adhere to the entire process of continuous improvement, work out a reasonable and effective control plan. Process failure mode ( FMEA ) undertook careful analysis.
                                  Strengthen the quality control of the process, from the impact of product quality elements to find the real causes, implement effective measures for rectification and to consolidate, after the PDCA continuous cycle, product quality in 2004than in 2003has been greatly improved, the 2004ZF steering axis of the PPM value of 15/ million.
                                      Product quality only by the control and management can be ensured. We will continue to absorb the advanced management methods and experience on application, so that product quality to achieve truly" it's perfection itself".